A Tour of the Hammann House

Hi Fabienne! I put together a set of video tours of our home so you have an idea of what you are headed towards in August!

First, this is a short video from the outside of the house. We live on about one acre of land. Our nearest neighbors are about 500 meters away. It is a fairly quiet area and has great views of Iowa farmland and beautiful sunsets.

Here is a short video of our garden. Well…really it is my mom’s garden. She works hard to keep it up.

This is the outside of the house including the fire pit, garage, porch, and deck. Oh…and an introduction to one of our cats Leia.

This is some more of the deck!

Here is the most important part of the house. The Kitchen, dining room, and living room! We spend lots of time here.

This is our downstairs sitting room or game room and office area.

Here is the upstairs including your bedroom area.

This is the upstairs office and Micah’s room.

And finally the upstairs bathroom.

Hope this gets you a bit more familiar with your American home!

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