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NameYearStatusNum PlaysCommentMy RatingAvg. RatingBGG Rank
6 nimmt!1994Owned30This is really a great filler game and and ice breaker to new gamers. It is always good for a laugh. Some of the strategy being foiled by the chaotic nature of everyone playing a card at once leads to some great laughs.86.90610
7 Wonders Duel2015Owned2N/A8.1116
878 Vikings: Invasions of England2017Owned2N/A7.57715
Akrotiri2014Wanted, Wishlist0N/A7.30634
Among Thieves2016Owned0N/A7.2411774
Apples to Apples1999Owned0N/A5.844167
Blood Rage2015Owned2N/A8.0131
Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game2017Owned1N/A6.931573
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game2008Wishlist0N/A6.921119
Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals2002Owned0N/A7.62Not Ranked
Carcassonne: The River2001Owned0N/A6.99Not Ranked
The Castles of Burgundy2011Wishlist0N/A8.1315
Century: Spice Road2017Wanted, Wishlist6N/A7.38234
Codenames: Duet2017Owned2N/A7.65129
Coldwater Crown2017Owned5N/A7.351932
Colt Express2014Owned1N/A7.15351
Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners2016Owned1N/A7.69Not Ranked
Covalence: A Molecule Building Game2016Owned0N/A6.487657
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done2018Owned2N/A7.62659
Dice Forge2017Owned4N/A7.32304
Dice Throne: Season One2018Owned2N/A7.75476
Dominion: Dark Ages2012Owned0N/A8.04Not Ranked
Dominion: Intrigue2009Owned0N/A7.7364
Dominion: Prosperity2010Owned0N/A8.27Not Ranked
Dune2019Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A8.33886
Dungeons & Dragons: Conquest of Nerath Board Game2011Owned0N/A6.951630
Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game2011Owned0N/A7.16650
Eminent Domain2011Owned1N/A7.08503
Ex Libris2017Owned, For Trade0N/A7.24615
Exploding Kittens2015Owned0N/A5.993536
Exploding Kittens: Imploding Kittens2016Owned0N/A7.10Not Ranked
Formula D2008Owned2N/A7.03484
Gloomhaven2017Wanted, Want to Play, Wishlist0N/A8.851
The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire2017Owned5N/A7.59297
Habitats2016Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A7.361369
Heroes Wanted2014Owned0N/A6.811872
Hive2000Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A7.32225
Imperial Settlers2014Owned0N/A7.45175
Ion: A Compound Building Game2015Owned2N/A6.484799
It’s a Wonderful World2019Owned0N/A7.86964
K’uh Nah2019Want to Play2N/A6.7611856
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot2002Owned0N/A5.4918241
King of Tokyo2011Owned0N/A7.21275
Kitchen Rush2017Owned, For Trade1This was a Geek Market purchase. The game is great. It has the full kickstarter extras.N/A7.44739
Kodama: The Tree Spirits2016Owned1N/A6.791076
The Last Friday2016Owned2N/A6.473035
Lost Cities1999Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A7.17303
Memoir ’442004Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A7.56126
Mice and Mystics2012Owned0N/A7.35267
The Mind2018Owned1N/A6.99555
Mow Money2016Owned0N/A5.9710482
Near and Far2017Owned0N/A7.87135
New World: A Carcassonne Game2008Owned, For Trade0N/A6.481996
Nightfall2011Owned, For Trade0N/A6.511555
Ninja Camp2015Owned0N/A6.792216
Noble Treachery: The Last Alliance2014Owned0N/A6.806858
Oltre Mare2004Owned0N/A6.661459
One Night Ultimate Werewolf2014Owned0N/A7.18362
Pandemic Legacy: Season 12015Owned3N/A8.622
Patchwork2014Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A7.6968
Peptide: A Protein Building Game2014Owned0N/A6.378425
Power Grid2004Owned0N/A7.8834
Powerboats2008Wanted, Want to Buy, Wishlist0N/A6.721596
Puerto Rico20022N/A8.0222
Pulsar 28492017Owned0N/A7.76211
Race for the Galaxy2007Owned0N/A7.7650
The Resistance2009Owned0N/A7.31228
Rising Sun2018Owned3N/A7.9461
Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion2018Owned0N/A8.31Not Ranked
Rising Sun: Kami Unbound2018Owned0N/A8.06Not Ranked
Rising Sun: Monster Pack2018Owned0N/A8.22Not Ranked
Roll for the Galaxy2014Owned4N/A7.7076
Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion2018Owned0N/A7.79Not Ranked
Scoundrel Society2015Owned0N/A6.565767
Scythe: Invaders from Afar2016Owned2N/A8.38Not Ranked
Scythe: The Wind Gambit2017Owned0N/A8.00Not Ranked
Settlers of New Catan (and extra modules)2004Owned1N/A7.03Not Ranked
Shear Panic2005Owned0N/A6.381867
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures2017Owned1N/A7.84282
Small World2009Owned0N/A7.29223
Small World: Be Not Afraid…2010Owned0N/A7.63Not Ranked
Small World: Cursed!2009Owned0N/A7.50Not Ranked
Spirit Island2017Wanted, Want to Play, Wishlist0N/A8.3213
Splendor: Cities of Splendor2017Owned0N/A7.43Not Ranked
Star Wars: Imperial Assault2014Owned, For Trade0N/A8.0537
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game2012Owned, For Trade0N/A7.7388
Sushi Go!2013Owned0N/A7.07413
T.I.M.E Stories2015Owned0N/A7.6790
T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons2016Owned0N/A7.69Not Ranked
T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case2015Owned0N/A7.64Not Ranked
Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged2017Want to Play, Want to Buy0N/A8.612839
Terraforming Mars2016Owned1I enjoy the game. I do find it a bit slow to play with new players. It would be nice to find a way to keep play moving a bit faster. Have yet to try it with 5 players yet. Has some interesting aspects to it. I found it interesting that you can actually win the game without doing a whole bunch of ‘terraforming’ if you are getting in on the in game victory points for contests and awards. Haven’t looked into the expansions yet. But am interested in trying them out.78.423
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization2015Owned0N/A8.494
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization2006Owned, For Trade0N/A7.9736
Thunderstone: Heart of Doom2011Owned0N/A7.72Not Ranked
Ticket to Ride2004Owned1N/A7.44156
Ticket to Ride: Europe2005Owned0N/A7.55108
Ticket to Ride: USA 19102006Owned0N/A8.00Not Ranked
Tiny Towns2019Owned3N/A7.43406
Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition1981Owned0N/A5.2118374
Twilight Struggle2005Wanted, Wishlist0N/A8.317
Wild Blue Yonder2017Owned0N/A7.894221